28 June – our friends on Nina are missing

I intended to report how much we are enjoying our return visit to Fiji, but our hearts are heavy as we monitor news about our friends on the 1928 schooner Nina. They left Opua, New Zealand on 29 May heading to Australia and no one has heard from them since 3 June. Several lows have passed through northern NZ during their passage, making very rough conditions, with winds of 80kmh, gusting to 110kmh, and swells of up to 8m. RCC NZ (NZ sea rescue) has initiated 2 searches, the first over 160,000nm, the 2nd over 324,000, with no results. RCC Australia has not initiated air search. If anyone reading this has a way of contacting RCC in Australia please encourage them to start searching for Nina. Jim and I are currently in Makogai with only sailmail by sat phone.

One thought on “28 June – our friends on Nina are missing

  1. Linda and Jim,   I was just thinking about you today, as I read the news about the missing boat. Thank you for letting us know you are OK, but yes, our hearts are definitely with the people on that boat.   Take care and know that we think of you.   Lucia

    ~~~  Follow me … from Sea … to Shining Sea ~~~


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