June 5 – farewell new zealand

i can’t believe we’re actually leaving new zealand.  we’ve had such a great time here and met so many wonderful people that it feels like home.  right now we’re in Opua finishing up our final shopping and stowing and getting the boat ready to leave.  we have a weather window tomorrow and it will take us about 10 days to get to Savusavu, Fiji.

we loved our stay at Riverside Drive Marina.  we met loads of friendly cruisers, learned how to SUP ((stand up paddle) and managed to squeeze in a few more boat repairs.  leaving was tricky because a bridge is being built across the river and we had to wait for the workers to raise the bridge which delayed us a week.  no worries we had plenty yet to do on the boat.  last friday we got the okay to leave and we were the 6th boat in a line of 10 boats heading down river – quite the fleet at high tide.

we loved staying in Whangarei and drove back twice to say our goodbyes, buy great bread at La Familia, get more books at the Piggery, and feed the girls one more time.

4 thoughts on “June 5 – farewell new zealand

  1. i love SUP. once i figured out how to hold the paddle correctly, and get on/off from the dock it was loads of fun. i can’t wait to get the board into clean warm water. it’s fun exercise too.

  2. So good to have news from you guys! Wave at the … waves for me!  🙂

    I tried SUP in the Med last summer and … it was NOT easy (of course they just give you the board there, don’t bother with lessons)

    Lucia   ~~~  Follow me … from Sea … to Shining Sea ~~~


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