Chesapeake is here

March 14, 2017

Waiting.  That’s what we’re doing.  We arrived at Fish Hook Marina, Golfito, Costa Rica on March 4 assuming the transport ship would arrive a few days later.  Several delays have allowed us time to ready Chesapeake for transport and do a little touring.  But mostly we’re waiting.

The plan is for Chesapeake to be transported to Ensenada and we will fly home briefly before we fly down to Ensenada to take delivery.  We’ll do a bottom job and get her ready for sailing up the coast of California in late summer.  Barring any surprises along the way we expect to fly our flags through The Gate end of September.

This shows where we are (red arrow) now.

golfito central america map

This shows where we are and where we did our land travel up in the San Vito area and into Parque Amistad.


golfito area map red marks

Jim and Linda


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