March 9 – bamboo and beer

We were tired of hiding out in the air conditioned room at the marina in Golfito, waiting for the transport ship to arrive.  A road trip into the Puntarenas mountains was suggested for cooler weather.  Roads were good for the most part and using Google Earth we managed to only get lost once in the switchback roads through the countryside.  The only problem was finding a gas station when the “need gas” light came on.

First stop was Wilson Botanic Gardens with the second largest collection of palms in the world.  What impressed us was the bamboo – certainly the biggest we’d ever seen.  We strolled through leaf covered paths listening to creaking bamboo and various birds.

After a lengthy walk we settled in at Cascata Del Busco down the road.  Our 16-sided bungalow was like a round tree-house nestled in the jungle.   We tried a  dark stout local beer that was one of the best we’ve had in forever.  Dinner and breakfast was delicious and we met some pretty interesting folks who dropped by (the bee specialist for the Smithsonian and a Canadian expat living in Panama).  We felt so welcome it was hard to leave.

Not sure you can see me standing next to another giant stand of bamboo.  There’s a little path leading inside where I took the next shot.