Feb. 2 – almost leaving Martinique

Here we sit anchored off St. Pierre, Martinique.  Water is refreshingly warm with interesting wreckage nearby for snorkeling.  We were here 3 weeks ago heading back to Dominica with Karen and Jason on Yolo when our engine overheated and we had to turn back to St. Anne and ultimately Le Marin marina.  3 weeks, several boat bucks, 36 scrabble games, and too many baguettes later we got to leave with a repaired engine.  We’d blown a head gasket which we were told was unusual in a Yanmar engine with less than 10,000 hours.

So, we’re finally heading back to Dominica tomorrow as we day hop to Guadeloupe then Montserrat where we plan to sail over to Panama (about 9 days) to transit the Canal.  It feels like we’re being shot though a cannon with such a tight schedule to arrive in Golfito, Costa Rica for the transporter ship to take Chesapeake up to Ensenada.  It’s not the first time we’ve had to change plans, wait then rush then wait.

The red square on the map is where we are now.  You’ll see the Caribbean map showing where we’re headed.