Dec. 14 – Christmas winds come early in St. Croix

December 14, 2016


The Christmas winds are here in St. Croix giving us cool breezy mornings after a night’s rain.  Weather for the next 3 days is the calmest it will be, heading East, until early January 2017.  Green Cay Marina has been a comfortable haven from the wind and choppy waves we see offshore.  Hopefully we can dislodge Chesapeake from the slip as we’re nestled in a bit of mud and the wind is pushing us against the dock.

We had a lovely time touring St. Croix with Jeannie and David who graciously took us everywhere, allowed us use of their laundry facilities, wifi, and phone for calling home.  We wandered the unmarked pot-holed roads, got lost, found an unexpected baker in the rain forest and shared several delicious meals.

People here are friendly and welcoming.  Standing in the post office I noticed every time someone came in there was a soft chorus of good morning.  Even on the streets they welcomed us.  Food was good and while Jim had his share of meat I found delicious veg options.

We’re heading to Dominica now.  Should take 3 days 2 nights unless the Atlantic gets frisky.  Not sure about wifi where we’re headed, but we’ve been told it’s less crowded and more undeveloped.  We plan to relax through the holidays playing scrabble, swimming and snorkeling in 90F water and reading a lot.  Hope everyone else has just as pleasant a holiday.