Sept. 1 – Gloucester for a day

It was a foggy 7am when we left Rockland, ME on August 31.  We put a reef in the main hoping to sail but alas it was an overnight of motoring into the wind with brief periods of lightning off in the distance.

It was cold but offset with a beautiful sunset.  Sometime in the early morning Jim saw a minke whale.  We arrived Gloucester at 10am and grabbed a mooring in SE Harbor.

We took the water taxi ashore and the harbormaster explained the harbor was under major construction removing toxic materials from the past centuries processing coal.  We lunched at Sugar Magnolias (yummy food) and I was glad we weren’t here for breakfast and George’s French Toast.  We visited the Cape Ann Museum and its abundance of  nautical memorabilia.

The Fresnel Lens is impressive at 9’4″.  Installed in 1861 it was the largest of its kind and sent a beam of light 22mi out to sea.

IMG_2761 10x

Coming back to the boat end of the day was a beautiful schooner coming in for the weekend’s Schooner Festival.