May 13 2016 – back in the USA

It took us 14 days and some hours to sail from Trinidad to Norfolk, VA.  It was a mixed bag of sailing conditions as we sailed east of the Caribbean hoping to find favorable current and wind.  It was the usual motoring, sailing, squalls, rain, and occasional thunderstorms.  We arrived on Friday, May 13 in beautiful sunny weather with a cool breeze.  Our t-shirts and shorts were replaced with long underwear and foul weather gear.  We’d almost forgotten what it felt like to get cold.

Since arriving in Norfolk there’s been plenty of rain to wash off the last of the South African dirt.  Now we’re getting the boat ready for hurricane season.  We’ve taken down extra cockpit covers along with jibs and lines.  The new mainsail is at Bacon Marine for resale and a new Hood sail is on order.

Wednesday, May 25, we fly home for a bit, then return to the East Coast for more sailing.


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