Sept. 19 around Rodrigues

We arrived Port Mathurin on Sept. 6, anchoring outside the inner harbour to make radio contact with the harbour master.  Gunther from Ynot came out in his dinghy to bring us hot croissants and baguettes, a cruiser tradition here.  Then Nick from Impala dropped by with another warm baguette.  What a welcome.

We moved to the inner harbour, set up the dinghy and did the usual check-in with customs, immigration, and quarantine.

About 40,000 people live on Rodrigues, most living outside of Port Mathurin.  It’s a walking town with friendly folks offering big smiles and hello in Creole.  We made an almost daily trip to shore.  Each port has its own distinctive dinghy landing.  Here we tie up to a barge (or tugboat) and hope it’s not low tide with a nearly impossible stretch to the metal stairs.  There’s an excellent wet market offering a variety of locally grown fruit and veges.  Saturday about 6am is the big market day with heaps of fresh food.  Then there’s Loul Boulangerie with hot croissants and baguettes.

This is a small harbour and every week or so all the yachts had to leave and anchor outside for the supply ship to arrive.  Most of us kept a keen eye on the ship, loitering at the “race line” to reenter and pick the best anchoring spot.  It felt like musical chairs.



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