Aug. 27 – shopping and skipping rope to music in Sulaa

We motor sailed around the island to Baubau and dropped the anchor at 4:10pm at 05-27.385S, 122-37.027E in 23 feet of water.  I wasn’t much help because of a migrane and really neither of us were feeling very healthy.

Sam gave us a schedule for the four days we were going to be here and thankfully the pace has slowed a bit.  Apparently there were some problems with boats swinging into each other before we arrived due to strong currents and winds.  Since we arrived a day late we missed the welcoming ceremony (with all that food…) and the museum visit (with lunch…).

The next day, though, we felt up to leaving the boat with everyone else.  The Rally provided minivans to take us to the traditional market and then to Sulaa village where we watched school girls dance and play folk games.  Of course we were invited to join them giving them plenty to laugh about.  A highlight for me was local entertainment, a blind man on keyboard and a one-legged drummer/flutist.  We watched women weaving (90% of the women in this village weave) and then, yup, lunch.  At this point I was pushing around a tablespoon of this and that trying to be polite.

It was a short day, thankfully, and we were back on the boat by 2pm.


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