Aug. 20/21 – goodbye Wanci

Finally I got the paddle board pumped up and into the water.  I joined a couple other cruisers in an hour plus paddle over to the Bajo people.  School kids waved and yelled hello from their classroom.  Then another morning market stop, a dip at another water cave, and one last visit with Rifel and two of his friends on the boat.

End of the day we picked up Uly, one of our guides who asked for a ride over to our next stop, Buton.  One of her dreams was to sail on a boat.  She cooked us dinner, mie goreng with long beans, and it was delicious.

Aug. 21 we were up before 6am and out the pass in 13 feet of water.  We could see how very narrow the pass was.

It was an easy motorsail and as we arrived at Pasawajo in Wangola Bay mid-afternoon. We saw a long line of people walking up a very steep hill.  This was where one of our events was going to take place with 20,000 dancers!  We anchored at 05-31.102S, 122-50.765E in 59 feet.

Uly made us nasi goreng (delicious stir fried rice and veges) before we went ashore for the welcome party at 7:30pm.

Another rickety dinghy dock barely supporting the weight of 3 cruisers.  We were presented with sarongs locally woven in plaids for the men and stripes for the women.  Another elaborate buffet of typical traditional food and fruit which is a real treat.  Of course we were already full from Uly’s food but we had to be polite.  Unfortunately the fruit started a digestive war within.  We were assigned personal guides who interpreted, explained, guided and guarded us throughout our stay in Pasawajo and quickly became our friends.  We were most thankful for their help, especially extricating us from mobs of people wanting to have their pictures taken with us.  After several speeches the music started up and we were encouraged to get out and dance.  Soon it was swing and rock ‘n roll for all and we didn’t get back to the boat until 11:30pm.

1 thought on “Aug. 20/21 – goodbye Wanci

  1. How nice to hear from you guys and to see so many beautiful, colorful places.

    Thank you!

    Lucia Follow me…~~~from Sea to Shining Sea…~~~


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