Aug. 14 – Wanci – Liya village entertains us

After a mostly pleasant sail from Banda, we arrived two days later at Wanci on Wangi Wangi Island in Wakatobe region.  A guide boat came out to help us through the very narrow pass and we held our breath as we counted the pebbles below the keel.

We hardly had time to breathe during our stay in Wanci.  Our first full day here we piled into minivans and were taken to Liya Togo village for the Honari Mosega Dance – their traditional war dance performed by the elder men, followed by the Tamburu Liya traditional dance about heroism.  Lunch was served atop a bamboo hut that shook with every step.  Beautifully dressed young women served us a bountiful supply of local foods while we squatted on the floor trying to get comfortable.  Villagers gathered round to watch us eat – we were their entertainment.  After we unfolded ourselves and came back downstairs, the Posepaa was performed.  Young men are bound together in pairs and try to kick each other in a show of strength.  It’s supposed to help diffuse any tensions built up in the villages.

We had a few hours rest on our boats before we were herded into vans and driven to the local swanky hotel for dinner.  Hadn’t we just eaten?  More traditional dancing, more food and then we were pulled onto the dance floor to learn their basic steps which I found akin to disco dancing and impossible to follow.  Languid songs of romance were sung for what seemed like hours as we sashayed across the dance floor.  We didn’t get back to the boat until 11:30pm which is the middle of the night for cruisers who go to bed at 8pm.


3 thoughts on “Aug. 14 – Wanci – Liya village entertains us

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  2. Ha! You so had me at homemade pretzels. They look perfect Jess. I wish I would have been over to your house that day. No fair our play date was 3 days later! I love all the other food too. I will have to check out each of their blogs for more ideas!

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