July 26-28 – Indonesian rally begins and arrival in Saumlaki

Big blue spinnakers were flying, small razor sailboats raced round the marks, camermen in small boats recorded the circus of racing and rally participants here in Fannie Bay.  We pulled our anchor up at 10:45am along with more than 50 other boats.  Soon the main was up, no reefs and we crossed the starting line just after 11am.  We were looking at around 225 nautical miles before we’d arrive in Saumlaki, Indonesia.  It was a bumpy night with lots of tacking up the channel and only a couple hours of motoring.  Next day was pleasant sailing doing 7-10 knots over the ground.  Our new tow generator, Tommy Tow, was moaning away charging our batteries.  Our third day we had great sailing going 8x and 9s over the ground,

As we made our approach we saw houses floating on bamboo platforms. Once we arrived in Saumlaki we only had to re-anchor once in 60+ feet.  12 noon, 07-58.777S, 131-17.328E.  Quarantine arrived making the rounds of the fleet, each boat ferrying him over to the next boat as he had no transportation. The yellow Q flag came down and we relaxed in the cockpit watching the rain and enjoying the breeze.

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