June 10 – downwind sailing to Lizard Island

June 5 we fueled up and motored out of Abell Point Marina with periodic rain, clouds, sun and wind about 15kt downwind.  We were doing 7kt when we passed Saddleback Island and I almost had wifi.  We had a lovely sail and covered 160nm in 24 hours.  We arrived Mission Bay at 4:30am and hove to waiting for enough light to anchor.  A few squalls came through in the early am with winds 25+ a few times, otherwise great sailing.  We anchored at 6:55am in 19ft (high tide was 5:50am).  16-51.878S, 145-54.619E.  This was a very rolly anchorage and at low tide we were in 16ft.

June 8 we upped the anchor at 8:45am in rain and sailed to Low Islets in Mission Bay outside Cairns.  We saw many ships, some without AIS, and had to alter course a couple times.  It rained through the night.  Anchored at 3pm in 36ft.  16-22.791S, 145-33.772E.

June 9 anchor up at 8:45am in rain, no wind, motored all the way to Low Islets, Hope Island East to drop the anchor at 3:50pm in 29ft.  15-43.567S, 145-27.346E.  Three fishing trawlers were anchored here in a conservation park zone on East Island.  Looks like they’re resting so they can fish at night.  at 2:45pm the clouds parted, the sun came out and it got hot.  This anchorage was a little rolly and the wind picked up in the night.  Today is a public holiday – The Queen’s Birthday.

June 10 anchor is up at 6:25am and wind is 19-20kt.  What a great downwind sail all day doing 7’s and 8’s.  We anchored at 3:50pm in 20ft right in front of a cruise ship and next to Impala who we’re buddy boating with.  14-39.566S, 145-27.013E.  We’re now in Mrs. Watson Bay on Lizard Island.

June 11 we got to walk on land!  We hiked Mt. Cook in 4 hours, scrambling over rocks and spending some time at the top to enjoy the 360 degree view.  We signed the guest book at the top and Jim and Nick enjoyed a rest next to the cairn of rocks built over time by sailors and visitors.  There was a resort here, barely visible in one of the photos, but it was destroyed in the last cyclone.  There’s also a beached catamaran from the same storm.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  The fog rolled in and it rained off and on all night.


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