April 25-26 – Two Up on Anzac Day in Glebe

Driving was crazy in Sydney so we stayed in Glebe, a cool inner-city suburb of Sydney and a short bus ride away.  It was cold and raining so we limited our time to touring the Opera House and celebrating Anzac Day playing Two Up at the local pub.  Two Up is only played on Anzac Day, so we were told, because it’s gambling which isn’t allowed in pubs except on Anzac Day.  It’s an odd game of strategically flipping two coins and bets are based on odds or evens of the heads or tails of the coins.  I was continually confused.  Jim actually won a number of tosses and even tried his hand at flipping the coins.  This was one of the trip highlights because we felt like we were part of the neighborhood and it was loads of fun.  The Glebe Point YHA was perfectly located on the main street with all the action – a plethora of restaurants from all over the world, lots of cute little shops I didn’t have time to visit, and an amazing Flea Market I did get to prowl through.  We loved Glebe.

Glebe is surrounded by Blackwattle Bay and Rozelle Bay, inlets of Sydney Harbour.  In the 1790’s this area was a glebe (an area of land within a parish used to support the priest), hence the name.  I saw plenty of interesting architecture when walking down to the bays at sunset.

We all bought hats on this trip and Isabel and I decided to have one final photograph before saying goodbye because she was heading home.
92d IMG_0791 scpe

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