April 22/23 – best meal yet in Narooma

We were very glad to get out of Melbourne even though it meant an entire day of driving.  We played word games and stopped a couple times to stretch our legs.  We arrived just as it got dark and had a delicious meal at Lynch’s Hotel.  Jim said it was the best meal he’s had in Australia.  (Three months later, at this writing, he says it’s still a true statement.)  I was awakened before dawn by an enormous flock of birds both mornings.

Narooma is a small coastal community in New South Wales.  Guess I should mention Melbourne is the capital of Victoria (one of Australia’s states).  Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and Canberra is the capital of Australia where the seat of government is held.  Confused yet?

So, we headed to Narooma because the description in the YHA book was appealing.  The name is said to be derived from the Aboriginal word meaning clear blue waters.  Indeed they were clear but it was too cold to go in.  On the way we counted 14 kangaroo roadkill, up from the 9 we saw driving to Melbourne.  Strange facts but we were really tired of car travel by this time.


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