April 17 – wedges addiction in Canberra

Before leaving Katoomba I got to shop in a real food co-op.  I miss the earthy smell of the Santa Monica coop so the Blue Mountains Food Co-op took me back in time.  On the road to Canberra we stopped for lunch where I bought the most expensive scotch tape ever – $6.50 for a small roll.  We checked into the Canberra City YHA which was conveniently located next to Transit Bar pub and that’s where I renewed my french fry addiction in the form of wedges.

72d IMG_0526


We spent all of the 18th in the National Museum Australia.  The Old Masters show was a terrific representation of Aboriginal artists, most of whom were born before the arrival of settler society on their land.  Their art has only been recognized in the late 20th Century.  Many paintings were done on bark stripped in the wet season and cured over fire and flattened under weights.  Painters often use a distinctive short-handled brush of a few hairs for the crosshatching patterns.  Spectacular display of work.

aboriginalCanberra has amazing contemporary architecture.  The National Museum is a series of huge sweeping curves of primary colors and patterns.

Before leaving we stopped at Walk-in Aviary where we got to feed free-flying birds.











– canberr

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