Darwin at last

yesterday was a real whirl of activity. we finally arrived at the pontoon in Darwin which is a big dock area where big charter boats come to fuel up and it’s also their quarantine area. we had to get our hull underwater inspected for some kind of invasive muscle and they sprayed some liquid (underwater) into our through hulls (exit pipes for sink/toilet) so we couldn’t use anything for 12 hours. we were bleary-eyed as we watched our friends on Impala go through the lock into the marina area, then met them for lunch. once back at the boat i was too tired to sleep but Jim conked out immediately. i finally managed 3 hours of sleep and at 9pm we wandered back into the village surrounding the marina to use the heads and Jim wanted a pizza. by 10:30pm it was bedtime for a very restful sleep. we weren’t bothered by the constant boat traffic coming in to fuel up all night long.

today we get fuel then get into our berth. the computer guy comes about 2pm and i’ll do laundry and begin the arduous task of cleaning the boat inside top to bottom. kathy and i are anxious to get into town and stretch our legs and our wallets.

the blog will get updated with our australian land travel once my computer is fixed or i can figure out how to get my photos onto my ipad.

4 thoughts on “Darwin at last

  1. Hi guys. It’s great to keep up with you adventures. Thanks! Lets catch up.

  2. It’s always a treat to hear from you Maurice. The farther West we go the more we miss New Zealand and Whangarie – especially Riverside Drive Marina and all of you.

  3. Hi Linda, Thanks for the update. Great to hear you have all arrived safely. Hope you enjoy your stay in Aussy.
    Please pass on our regards to Jim, Nick and Kathy.
    Kind regards Maurice and the team.

  4. Glad to hear you are safe and sound. We are now looking at sail boats since the motor boats are too expensive on fuel. Let you know when we find one…. Hugs to you both…. Fran and Ray

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