Sept. 22 – room adjustments in Kone

After we left Boat Pass and drove down to the rodeo in Koumac we had to settle for very basic accommodations in Kone.  Well it was just one night.  We unloaded our things then headed over to very high-end Hibiscus Hotel for their buffet dinner.  Oh my was it fabulous.  All you can eat (should be considering the prices!) and we did indeed eat to the point of bursting.  We also camped out in their bar playing scrabble and cards while waiting for them to set up for dinner.

Hibiscus is a lovely hotel with amazing South Pacific artifacts scattered throughout the dining rooms.  We waddled back to our tiny basic hole in the wall until morning when we returned to Hibiscus for breakfast and to check in for Sunday night.  No one told us there was no service on Sunday after breakfast.  We had our fabulous rooms but no hot water maker for tea or coffee fixings anywhere.  Kone, along with most of New Caledonia, shuts down from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning.  We wandered over to Eco Musee Cafe which didn’t serve coffee (huh), then drove back to our favorite, La Nea, for dinner.  Maybe we were tired, maybe it’s just really funny, but the menu offered a “sesame seed beagle” that brought tears to our eyes we laughed so hard.  We managed to entertain ourselves and rest up for travel the next day across the island to the eastern side.

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