Oct. 10-13 – so much beauty in Ouvea

We continue to be in awe of our surroundings.  Vast stretches of white sand beaches, multiple shades of turquoise and vivid blue sky.  When the sun is out it’s hot and there’s very little wind.  We took the dinghy to shore for a baguette run and to stretch our legs.  The only store is a large shipping container where you wait in line at the counter and tell them what you want.  Water clarity is the best we’ve ever seen.  We  changed anchorages a few times to avoid smoke from rubbish burning onshore.  It was easy to move from place to place because of the wide flat bay.  The scenery continues to be breathtaking no matter where we look.  There are two boats anchored nearby and we’re all in front of a cluster of houses just to the right of Pont de Mouli bridge.  No people just houses.  I went up the mast to photograph our anchorage and couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was.

We just downloaded weather and winds are beginning to build.  We decided to head south, back to Prony in an overnight sail.  We hope to hang out there until we can talk to someone at Australian immigration about our visas.  On the 13th we pulled up the anchor at 5:45am, put a reef in the main and had a lovely sail.

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