Oct. 25 – things are looking up

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in New Caledonia over six weeks.  In that time we drove around the island with our friends Nick and Kathy on Impala, then sailed out to ile de Pines, then on to the Loyalty Islands before coming back to anchor outside Noumea for over a week.  Much of the time was spent dealing with our visas for Australia.  Weather has been everything from sunny blue skies to rain and lightning and winds gusting to 30k.  We were thrilled to finally get a berth so we could escape the precarious anchoring in Petite Rade.  Finally our visas got approved and we’re now in a berth with wifi and showers until Monday when we head off to Brisbane.  Things are indeed up.  Stay tuned for blog updates.

92d IMG_1678 clscp


Taken in Fayaoue, Ouvea Island

2 thoughts on “Oct. 25 – things are looking up

  1. LINDA AND JIM: Have a safe trip and enjoy the great land of the Aussies…. Love fran and ray

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