Last day in Port Vila, Vanuatu Sept. 9, 2013

It’s 7am and I’m making vegetable soup while Jim is onshore watching the America’s Cup finals.  It’s our last day in Port Vila and we each have a list of must do chores.  One of mine is to make soup using up as many veggies as I can.  I do some of my best thinking while chopping onions and capsicums.

Lately it seems the cruising life has been set to fast forward with little time to just hang out, read, relax, have a snorkel or walk.  Our life is dominated by the weather.  We had a weather window to New Caledonia last Saturday (it’s Monday now) but we hadn’t checked out yet so we’re leaving on the tail end of wind coming from the right direction – now we might be facing very little wind.

Memories of Port Vila this year include spending time with friends over good meals.  Last Saturday I convinced Jim we needed to be at the open market very early (6:30am) to buy avocados.  Well there were no avos and many of the vendors weren’t set up yet.  Families seem to virtually live in their stalls and when we arrived many were just waking up.  It wasn’t a wasted trip, though, because soon a group of men sang a cappella gospel songs in their rich voices.

And now it’s the end of the day, we’ve fueled up, the dinghy is up on the davits and the sun is streaking the sky with yellow.  Next stop Noumea, New Caledonia.

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