Day-hopping back to Port Vila – Sept. 1, 2013

After several days at Wala it was time to continue heading south along the Eastern side of Malekula.   Four hours later we anchored in front of Uri Island in Port Stanley.  We had minimal wind protection from the low lying island but weren’t affected by the swells and white caps outside.  No sooner did we drop the anchor than Evelyn paddled out in her canoe to welcome us (and ask to trade fruit for t-shirts).  Later her granddaughters paddled out with more fruit and veggies – the biggest pomplemousse i’ve ever seen – and traded it for lollies and fingernail polish.  It reminded me of trick or treat.  Very windy all night.

We left at 7am the next day for a very long day of zig zag sailing (9 tacks) to get to Port Sandwich.  It was too choppy to read so we both gazed out to sea and daydreamed.  I mentally rearranged storage on the boat and debated how/what to make as a scrapbook from our travels.  Port Stanley is a lovely spot, calm water, beautiful palm tree-lined small bay inside a large bay, with the sound of cows and birds.  Unfortunately sharks are in the water so we can’t take a dip.  it would be a great place to paddle if only…

Another early morning for a brief 3.5 hour sail around the corner to Gaspard Bay.  We tucked into this small bay surrounded by mangroves and a fringing reef.  Except for the wind that funneled through it was very calm and we got to see the elusive dugongs poke their noses out to snuffle for a breath of air.

We met up with Impala and the next day, another very early start.  We headed down to Revolieu Bay and after six tacks we dropped anchor and relaxed.  Next day and another dawn start so we could make it to Sulua on Emae Island.  This is where the genset stopped working so we had to run the engine to charge the batteries.  Another day-hop to Havana Harbour on Efate.   Thankfully this is our last early morning for a few days because we’re heading into Port Vila and the security of a mooring ball.

92d IMG_0800 cps

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