July 1 – sevusevu at Navuniivi and shopping at Rakiraki

We threaded our way through coral reefs along the northern portion of Viti Levu in rain and 18+kt of wind.  Using Curly’s waypoints we managed to anchor in Viti Levu Bay without hitting anything.  This is a huge bay with several villages and we decided to anchor on the SE side near Navuniivi Village.  We did sevusevu with the chief and his wife, Anaseim, who enthusiastically shared her tapa painting techniques.  She gifted me with three beautiful tapas.  We were served tea and given fruit and veggies before we left.  When we walked back to our dinghy we noticed it had been moved further out.  One of the women out fishing noticed we’d left the dinghy too close to shore and low tide is very low here.  If she hadn’t done that, we would have had to carry the dinghy a back-breaking 100+ yards out.

Next day we headed over to anchor near Rakiraki because we heard it was a good spot for provisions.  We had sketchy information about where we should get ashore.  After spending 45 minutes getting the dinghy off the davits and into the water it was another 30 minutes of wet motoring in choppy windy conditions to find a little tiny wharf.  Some local guys suggested we take our gas tank up to a nearby family to ensure it was safe.  Then a 20 minute cab ride to Rakiraki.  Good thing we brought 3 large dry bags with us.  Food was definitely cheaper.  We spent 3 days here, the wind died down and we perfected our trip to town,

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