Day 45 – Jan. 5 – goodbye South Island hello North Island

After 41 days of driving around South Island we were road weary and ready to get back to the boat.  But still, it’s hard to say goodbye to such a diverse country.  The people, landscape, rock formations, the water (ocean, bays, lakes and sounds) have embedded themselves in our memory banks (and my cameras).  And then there’s the food and the BBH hostels that made our tour so special. I’ll provide a detailed list of recommendations in another post, along with what we would have done differently (not much really).

Arriving back at North Island we headed for Plimmerton on the West Coast, just north of Wellington on SH1.  We received a warm welcome when we arrived at Moana Lodge.  I would have to say this is one of the most spectacular rooms we’ve slept in.  I’m keeping the room number a secret unless you ask.  A corner room upstairs with windows looking across the street at the Tasman Sea and the most beautiful sunset.  Plimmerton is a small beach community that draws families during the day to play in the water and temps couples to stop and watch the sunset in the evening.  Moana Lodge  They describe themselves as “affordable quality outside the City Centre with PARKING, wi-fi & friendly people. Not strictly a guesthouse, a bed and breakfast, a hostel nor a hotel but a delightful self catering beachfront home away from home.”  Well said and we agree.

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