Day 44 – Jan. 4 – alone at Anakiwa in Queen Charlotte Sound

Another early morning for a long drive to Queen Charlotte Sound.  We only have today to see the area because we catch the ferry back to North Island tomorrow morning.  We made a brief lunch stop in Picton at Gusto Cafe and then drove through a very small portion of Pelorus Sound in Marlborough.  It was a lovely drive along narrow winding roads that followed Queen Charlotte Sound to our hostel, Anakiwa, near the end of the road  After unpacking the car, we went over to access Queen Charlotte Walking Track.  It was a warm sunny day with lots of people out biking and running and hiking and boating and picnicking.  The area is so immense it didn’t feel crowded on our portion of the track.  What a shame we have to leave so soon.  We could easily spend a week or so exploring all the Sounds.

Back at Anakiwa, we had the place to ourselves.  After so many hostels where we struggled for fridge space or waited to use the toilet, this place felt utterly deserted.  We had the whole downstairs to ourselves and enjoyed a relaxing soak in the hot tub.  Although we appreciated the quiet and privacy, it felt a little isolating when we heard a few people upstairs who never came down to introduce themselves.  Hostel living is all about connecting with people and we missed that here.

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