Day 42 – Jan. 2 – eating and drive our way to Nelson

We picked the wrong time for breakfast at Beach House Cafe (one of those Cafes) but my homemade museli was delicious and Jim continued his hunt for the best eggs bene.  Although the wait was overly long, I enjoyed reading their first rate magazines and taking lots of pictures.

Once we were on the road I saw Nin’s Bin caravan, a local food truck I’d just read about in one of the magazines, so we made a brief photo stop.  Cute place but too early for fish.  Several hours later, we pulled in to The Store at Kekerengu to use the facilities.  If they hadn’t been so busy we would have bought something to eat as they had an inspiring menu.  I noticed they were judged Best Cafe in Marlborough region.

Next stop was Dominion salt flats because I couldn’t resist the colors of the drying salt.  We followed the road to its end where we watched the Pacific Ocean whipping itself against an old wharf.  It must have been blowing 20kt easily.

Eventually we started thinking about lunch and thought we’d eat at one of the recommended wineries in Blenheim, but they were either closed or full.  Instead we drove to Havelock for a late lunch at Slip Inn on the waterfront at Havelock Marina.  They’ve earned all sorts of awards over the years and of course they were jammed with holiday eaters.  We managed to get a great table, had exceptionally quick service and enjoyed some of the best fish ‘n chips we can remember.

The remainder of the drive to Nelson was uneventful.  Lots of pasture land, the usual grazing animals and working dogs in red pick up trucks.  It felt like coming home when we arrived at Almond House after 39 days of travel.  Scott is still WFF’g here (work for food) and the folks are friendly.

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