Day 41 – Jan. 1 – Kaikoura on New Year’s Day

I love a leisurely morning with good conversation.  It’s a warm day with scattered clouds and we’ve spent several hours chatting with Brian and Margaret.  It’s hard for us to pull away and go see the area.  We checked out Donegal House with it’s lovely grounds and ducks, then hiked half the loop at Fyffe Palmer scenic reserve.  Then it was off to the “Original Kaikoura Seafood BBQ” we’d heard so much about.  A food truck with quite a following and excellent clean-up management.  Next up was the Peninsula Seal Colony and it’s rugged open tidal platform.  Low tide allowed us to see a lot of tidepools but only one seal.  Well when you’ve seen one….

Last stop was dessert at Hislops Wholefoods Cafe (one of those Cafes).  Either I was tired or it was so-so because I didn’t write anything down OR take a photo.

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