Days 29-31 – Dec. 20-22 – keeping busy in Wanaka

Wanaka wraps around NZ’s 4th largest lake, Lake Wanaka where all kinds of water sports take place.  One evening we enjoyed watching a small sailboat race from the patio.  The summer sun was hot and intense and we had beautiful weather while we were here.  There were plenty of restaurants but we enjoyed cooking our meals in the well-equipped kitchen at Wanaka Bakpaka hostel.  Although we wanted to just enjoy the views and relax, we found ourselves pretty busy.

Cinema Paradiso is small classic movie theatre with comfy old sofas, an old Morris Minor, a cafe & bar serving meals, homemade ice cream, and hot-from-the-oven cookies even during the movie.  We really enjoyed “Intouchables”.

Jim had one of his best salads at Cafe Gusto, couscous, fried houlami and chicken.

One day we drove to some old gold mining towns built along Lake Dunstan.  Cromwell has a beautifully restored Old Town overlooking the Lake.  We (well I) wandered through some beautiful shops where I could have spent lots of money, but nothing was practical for boat life.  On to Clyde, a one-street town where we lunched at the Bank Cafe (yes one of “those” cafes).  My vegburger was terrific.  Then on to Alexandra where Jim struck sausage gold at The Fridge Butchery Delicatessen.  Lucky for us there was a Bin Inn here too.

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