Day 39 – Dec. 30 – so relaxing at Hanmer Springs

After a quick look for green jade stones on the beach, and finding none, we continued up SH6 along the stunning West Coast.  By the time we turned on to SH7 from Greymouth it was raining pretty hard.  We had a lackluster lunch at Reef Cottage Cafe in Reefton, where we had to remove dirty dishes, wipe down the table, and wait a very long time for our food which wasn’t great.  The rest of the trip was spent in heavy rain.  We finally arrived in Hanmer exhausted.  We couldn’t believe our good fortune when we saw Jack in the Green just a short distance from downtown.  The place was clean, spacious, had a great kitchen, big bedroom and plenty of places to sit and chat with the friendly international travelers.  But the best part was going over to Hanmer Springs for a 2+ hour soak in their various mineral pools.  Rains had stopped here and we were left with blue skies, sun and very clean bodies.

We celebrated at Powerhouse Cafe.  During dinner our waitress was called outside by a friend on horseback (it’s that kind of town).

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