Day 37 – Dec. 28 – eating our way across SH8

Before leaving the area we had to stop one more time at Port Royal Cafe in Port Chalmers.  I still dream about that breakfast bagel with brie and it was just as good the second time – red relish, capsicum, tomato, red onion, lettuce, brie on a bagel with toasted museli on top.  Jim felt the same about the french toast – happy mouth for both of us.

On the road out of Dunedin at 10:40am.  We passed another shoe fence at the south end of Lake Waihola on SH1.  I don’t know why I write these things down.  We’re heading back over to the West Coast, retracing our steps, so we need lots of fortification.  The Packhouse (one of those Cafes) in Roxbury had really good berry ice cream and scones.  No wonder we porked up on this trip.  North of town we saw pancake rocks (karst landscape/limestone erosion).  See, we’re learning something.

Next stop was Alexandra for more of Jim’s special award-winning (really) sausages at The Fridge Butchery.  Also Bin Inn.  The Rotary Club was having a used book sale in the library and we walked out with two bags full for very little $$.  It was really hot as we pushed West to Cromwell and the Pinot Lodge.  What a come down from McFarmers and Otago Peninsula.  In all fairness it was under new management and perhaps they just need more time.  The manager was friendly.  Our room felt like a cell, cars and tents and campers were parked on the parched brown grass giving it a “lived on” look.  We quickly unloaded the car and took off to investigate Bendigo gold fields and remains of the old mining town.  Although Pinot had inadequate facilities and it felt dirty and depressing, they did provide an excellent gas BBQ.  While cooking his sausages, Jim met a friendly group of young travelers from  Argentina and Chile who entertained us with stories of picking fruit while traveling.

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