Day 35 – Dec. 26 – McFamers was worth the drive

It was a long drive from the West Coast to the East Coast via SH8.  We ate our way across, stopping at Fusee Rouge (  in Cromwell for lunch.  Fabulous pumpkin/feta fritters and something they called “bird seed” that was chock full of delicious seeds.  Then a quick cup of “short black fill with hot water top off with cold” coffee in Lawrence. We were the first to arrive at McFarmers on the Otago Peninsula where we shared an adorable cottage with a great patio and view of the Otago Harbour.  We sat for hours on the patio staring out to the Harbour.  Eventually the other two couples arrived and we socialized while taking turns cooking in the kitchen.  This is a fabulous place to stay because of the congenial feeling everywhere.  The next morning we had a fire in the pot bellied stove and we all sat around eating breakfast and exchanging travel experiences.  It felt like we’d known each other for years.

Suddenly it was 10:15 and Jim and I needed to move over to the private cottage we’d booked for our second night at McFarmers.  It felt kinda lonely after such warm and friendly conversation.  We missed the pot bellied stove and the big patio with the grand view, but we did have a small patio.  This place had it’s own charm, plus I could spread out to work on my photos.  Eventually we gathered enough energy to drive around the peninsula.  We drove out to Allan’s Beach for a walk, then drove all through Cape Saunders Road to the end, out to Taiaroa Head, saw albatross, and lots of baby seagulls.  Finally a beautiful drive along Hoopers Inlet with lots of black swans and their cygnets on the water.

Early evening turned cold and windy so we headed back to our little cottage which was very cozy – just big enough for the two of us.  We’re so glad we made the drive back to see this area.  If only we could stay a couple more days.

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