Days 18-20 – Dec. 9-11 – resting our bones at Old Bones

After all that hiking we faced another long drive down through the pale golden brown bush and Ben Ohau Range in the Alps.  Past Twizel we flew, stopping at Omarama for a quick sandwich of nondescription.  We arrived in Oamaru late afternoon getting very lost trying to find Old Bones hostel.  What a relaxing place Old Bones turned out to be.  A revolving door of friendly international travelers each afternoon provided friendly conversation over dinner.

During our time in Oamaru we wandered around some of the old buildings in Old Town, had very messy burgers, spotted yellow-eyes penguins from the cliffs above the beach, paid to watch the blue-eyes penguins scuttle ashore a bit late at night, visited the botanical gardens, tried to visit Riverstone Kitchen but they kept weird hours, had delicious fritters at ShortBlack Cafe and managed to spend a great deal of time relaxing and doing nothing at the hostel.

We’ve now spent 20 days driving to 10 different hostels, stopping at maybe 35 points of interest, who knows how many cafes and we’ve lost track of the number of people we’ve shared our travel experiences with – too many.  It’s exhausting to travel like this so we decided it was time to stop and relax.  Plus we had good internet.

If I hadn’t been so tired I would have gone to Steampunk HQ because it looked so intriguing.  I don’t know what it is but here’s the link if you want to investigate and let me know.  They were responsible for the time machine pictured above.

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