Day 23 – Dec. 14 – sensory overload at Lost Gypsy Gallery it was worth it

Another early morning so we could drive out to Otago Peninsula because Jim read about Hoiho Knives made by bladesmith Richard van Dijk.  Richard was involved in making swords and knives for The Hobbit movie, among other things.  We enjoyed the visit to the Peninsula and on our way out we drove by McFarmers hostel.  It was so tranquil here I suggested we call and the first opening they had was just after Christmas.  So we’ll drive all the way back here from the West Coast.

Getting out of Dunedin with its one-way streets and traffic was a bit tricky but eventually we figured it out.  We stopped for lunch at Caitlin’s Cafe which was our first disappointing Cafe.  No atmosphere and the food was so-so.  No matter because the highlight of the drive was just down the road in Papatowai, along the Catlins at The Lost Gypsy Gallery.  I’m speechless how to describe his creations.  A treat for the senses. Blair Somerville aka Automan, creates moving art out of found and collect treasures and rubbish.  Everything moves by wind or a turn of a crank or electricity, often accompanied by strange unexpected sounds. His gadgets can bring out the inner child in even the most disillusioned travel-weary visitor.   The $5 entrance fee for the Windingo Thoughts Theatre of Sorts is well spent for an opportunity to play with all the cool stuff.

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