Day 21 – Dec. 12 – touristy tours in Dunedin

After Jim pulled me away from the boulders we continued our drive down the East Coast to Dunedin.  Don’t know why I was thinking it was a small town – it’s huge and sprawling with traffic and signals (we rarely see them) and competitive parking.  We checked into Chalet Backpackers, a relic that looked old and worn with a faint smell of age.  It was purposely built in 1904 by two nurses as the private Chalet Hospital.  That explains why our room felt like a doctor’s office.

Not wanting to waste a minute of time resting we hot footed it over to Cadbury World for their chocolate tour.  I expected to see Willy Wonka pop up somewhere but instead we had Steve, our tour guide, tell us no cameras, no photos, no jewelry as he handed us hair nets.  The tour was okay but he was frugal handing out samples.

Once we discarded our less-than-attractive hair nets we rushed over to Speight’s for their last tour of the day.  Now this was a tour.  Humungous copper vessels have been in use  since 1876.  The best part, aside from taking the photos, was sampling the goods and friendly chatter among our fellow tourists.  We had a very late dinner (good) at the Speight’s restaurant.  End of a long day.

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