Day 17 – Dec. 8 – Christchurch Red Zone

We are so glad we took this tour.  A lot of information was shared, too much to recall here but one thing I do remember is the white chairs.  185 white chairs.  An installation by Peter Majendie called Reflection of Loss of Lives, Livelihoods and Living in the Neighbourhood stands on a vacant lot where a church once stood.  Each white chair represents one of the 185 lives lost in the earthquake.  Each chair has its own distinct personality, like its owner.  Included are armchairs, dining room chairs, a wheel chair, and even a baby capsule. The 185 square metres of grass that the chairs sit on represents new growth and regeneration – something which you can see and feel across the whole city.

The Christchurch Cathedral is drawing attention as lawsuits fly debating whether to restore or demolish.

This represents a small piece of the devastation and the effort to rebuild.

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