Oct. 20 – Revolieu Bay again – day three

Early in the morning Savron paddled out to say hello.  He was on his way to fish in the reefs.  He told us he and his family, brother and mother live on this tiny island of Awei.  We wished we could stay longer to explore the reefs and other islands in this small bay.  As we left we saw a canoe with a sail, that was a first.  Then we saw a local long boat loaded with men heading to an island probably for day work.  Near the entrance was a tiny dot of an island, a big rock really, just large enough to hold 3 small huts.

a boat load of men heading off to work

We had to tack six times (zig zagging) with 2kt of current against us in 1-2m seas.  Once we were in the lee of Epi Island we were out of the big wind and seas and the rest of the trip was easy.  We anchored in the same spot as last time with rain off and on the remainder of the day.  Time to relax, watch a movie or two and read.

lots of rain, lots of rainbows

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