Nov. 8 – 12/1200 New Zealand

It took us 12 days to go 1200 miles dead upwind.   18 tacks going East, going West, barely heading South.   11 books read.  0 movies watched.  No wind.  33kt wind.  1m seas.  3-4m seas.  Like childbirth, the pain is quickly forgotten.

We arrived in Marsden Cove at 1:30pm.  Biosecurity came aboard and took the few remaining fruit and veggies we weren’t shoving in our mouths.  Eggs, mayo, sprout seeds taken.  They let us keep the kava root after careful inspection.  Customs came and gave us their stamp but it was too late to head up river to Whangarei.  The tide was dropping and we’d surely get stuck in the mud.  Instead we read, watched a couple movies until we were bleary-eyed and went to bed so we could get up at 1am.

Yes 1am, Nov. 9 we headed up river in time for maximum high tide at 3am.  Most of the motoring went smoothly until we came to the new drawbridge under construction.  In the dark.  Poorly marked.  We barely avoided a collision sending Jim’s heartbeats into overtime.  By 4am we were safely tied up to the dock.  It’s good to be back in Whangarei.

Since our arrival we’ve had a chance to reconnect with friends, including the ones with wings.

the begger

the nest sitter

One thought on “Nov. 8 – 12/1200 New Zealand

  1. Jim: Have a very happy birthday…… we will be thinking about you in warm New Zealand as we put on our snow tires here in Canada. We will be in Hawaii for Christmas and in the Bay Area on Dec 27-30 to visit with John and Johanna. All the best….. Fran and Ray

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