Oct. 8 – Vanihe Bay, Ambae – no swimming here

After spending one day on Maewo Island we tried to leave and found ourselves well wrapped around a coral head  – the wind was really strong in the night and changed directions many times.  Eventually we freed ourselves and motored over to Ambae Island.  No wind or waves.

We anchored in a small bay around the corner from the nearest village in Lolowai.  Flying foxes hung from the trees like Christmas ornaments.  We took the dinghy around the point to check out the village and passed intriguing rock formations.  The village, spread out along a dusty road, felt depressed and we saw nothing of interest.  Two small stores sold eggs but not much else.  We asked a local about swimming in the bay and he said the bay was calm and full of fish which attracted sharks.  He said we had a 50/50 chance of seeing an aggressive shark.  Okay, so much for getting in the water.

The wind shifted in the night so the anchorage got very rolly plus the weather turned hot.  Not our best anchorage.  Time to move on.

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