Oct. 7 – Asanvari, Maewo Island – hot bread and waterfalls

We reluctantly left Loltong at 8:30am and motored 3 hours to our next island.  We had some issues anchoring between the coral patches as it was overcast and hard to see the anchor once it was down.  We’ve made a habit of diving the anchor, when possible, to make sure it will hold.

In between moving the boat, Karen and I snorkeled pretty much the whole bay and found the reefs along the shore to be pretty boring.  After several hours of searching for the excellent snorkeling we were told about, we decided to head over to the waterfall.  Visibility was poor, partly from the cold water coming up and mixing with the layer of warm water on the surface.  Then it shallowed up quickly as we neared shore and visibility turned nonexistent because the river emptied into the bay.  We were crawling through chocolate water on our bellies over big rocks – too shallow to swim and too rocky to walk.  Weird.  We did manage to get ashore and walk over to a magnificent multi-tiered waterfall.  Cold fresh water flowing down the rocky hillside making an intricate lace pattern.  Pretty cool.  And refreshing.

The next morning, as we were getting ready to leave, Columbus paddled out to sell us some fresh baked bread.  It was delicious.

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