Oct. 12 – blue holes at Peterson Bay

Not only did we have great snorkeling and pleasant kayaking, but there were two blue holes to explore.  Up the Nalaiafu River is a round blue hole of fresh water.  Intense blue from calcium carbonate.  It’s 30m in diameter and 18m deep with a rope swing and cement dock for washing clothes.  We spent hours playing in the cold water that was so refreshing in the heat.

Just as we climbed back in the dinghy to leave it started to sprinkle.  We realized we’d left all the hatches open on the boat.  Then it quickly turned into a downpour.  By the time we got back to the boat all the cushions were wet down below, along with the bedding, the floor and the galley.  Fortunately it was fresh water.  So the boat got a good cleaning.  Thankfully all the computer stuff was safely tucked into waterproof bags.  Lesson really learned. Never ever leave the boat with the hatches open.

The next day we followed a narrow mangrove-lined river to another blue hole.  We passed a Kobe beef cattle ranch and saw plenty of wild orchids and watercress growing near the shore.  It was a splendid trip and another laundry opportunity.

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