Oct. 11 – Peterson Bay, Santo – paradise found

The anchor was pulled up at 5:30am and we motorsailed away from Ambae in flat seas with no wind.  Towering clouds of animated animals hung in the distance.  Seven hours later we arrived in paradise.  It was worth the effort to get to northern Vanuatu and Peterson Bay.  We sailed in to picture postcard calm turquoise waters – a huge bay with a couple of small islands fringed in visible reefs that turned to exposed tidepools at low tide.  We could see the anchor from the bow, resting in 55 ft of clear water!

We all enjoyed snorkeling the pass between the two islands where we were anchored.  In fact, it’s the best snorkeling we’ve seen in Vanuatu.  And so the days passed one into the other.  It was hot and sunny, no wind, and we spent a good deal of time in the water, exploring all the different reef areas.  The reef in front of our boat provided a great drift dive and there was plenty to see.  Old airplane parts were half buried in the sand and the blade of a propeller nearly touched the surface.

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