Oct. 4 – entertaining the little ones on Loltong, Pentecost

We had such a good time in Loltong.  It’s a series of small villages, all very clean and well organized and entrepreneurial.   There were a couple of local restaurants and B&Bs but nothing like what you’d find in the US.  This is Vanuatu style living.  It was rainy and windy almost the whole time but we got used to it.

Karen and I took long walks through the villages and twice Chesapeake was visited by young girls paddling out in their version of a canoe.  Lona, Kayla and her little sister came by to give us some snake beans our first day there.  They wanted to come aboard so we “entertained” them in the cockpit.  It was awkward because they didn’t speak much English (they were 4, 6 and 12) and they were very shy.  So we sat and looked at each other for a long time.  The next day Lona brought out 2 of her friends and little Kayla, aged 6??, brought several of her little friends in another canoe over to Yolo.  It was a long couple of hours as we did our best to “entertain” them.

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