Oct. 3 – Waterfall Bay then Melsis Bay, Pentecost – sunbathing cows

Another early morning departure and an easy sail up Pentecost’s coastline for 3 hours.  We arrived at Waterfall Bay, aptly named for the huge waterfall snaking its way down the mountain.  We took the dinghy to shore and asked if we could visit the waterfall.  One of the locals said it would cost us $800 vatu per person which is about $8 pp US.  We declined feeling it was a bit of a ripoff since other villages don’t charge for nature hikes.  Since the anchorage was rolly Jim and I decided to up anchor and head to the next bay, Melsis.  It was a little better but small swells gave us a bit of a roll.

The next morning we left early.  Wind was 25kt gusting to 28kt coming into the bay, so we put a second reef in the main and had a 3.5 hour sail to Loltong.  The landscape was spectacular and I counted at least 10 prominant waterfalls along the way.

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