Sept. 26 – Revolieu Bay, Epi Island & fabulous grapefruit

Another early start leaving Sulua Bay and zig zagging with the wind.  Six hours later we dropped anchor at another small island.

Jim shared a dinghy ride to shore with Yolo while I kayaked through the reefs.  Not much to see so I joined Karen on the beach where we met Chief Baron.  He was a fit older man with reading glasses hanging from a chain around his neck.  He invited us to his village to sign their guest book.  This is common practice in many villages both in Fiji and Vanuatu.  They’re quite proud of their guest books showing how many visitors they have.  It also gave us a chance to see familiar names.  He explained that five families live in his village, each family having 4-5 kids.  I assume the smoke from the cooking fires helps keep the mosquitoes away as there were plenty  flying somethings around our ankles.  The Chief was kind enough to give us coconuts, grapefruit and bananas.   The ruby grapefruit was deliciously sweet and juicy, one of the best grapefruits I’ve ever had.

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