Sept. 16 arrived in Port Vila

We waited three days in Dillion’s Bay, Erromango island, in a calm roadstead anchorage that turned into a wind tunnel sending a fairly consistent 20kt into our bow.  We really wanted to get moving so we left Erromango on Sept. 15 about 6pm, hoping the seas had calmed down.  As we eased away from the island the seas relaxed and we had a very pleasant night sail arriving into Port Vila about 8:30am.   It was Sunday and nothing was open so it was a relaxing day.  We’ve sent a week here poking our heads into all the shops, loading up on provisions and wandering through the farmers market, often with our friends Karen and Jason on Yolo.  This is one of the two biggest towns in Vanuatu, the cruise ships stop here, and there are plenty of tourists wandering around, but you still get a sense of it’s rich culture especially when you hang out in the farmers market.  Families seem to live in their stalls with children of all ages.  The food is attractively displayed and the pungent smell of bodies and food is everywhere, punctuated by the music playing from the sidewalk.

Here’s a sampling of the town and the farmers market.

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