Sept. 12 – Tanna life

This is a bit of a repeat from  my earlier post when I couldn’t send photos.

We arrived at 7:30am in Port Resolution and dropped the hook in sand.  We were pleased to see Secret Agent Man (Eric and Amy) in here along with several other boats.   We followed Eric and Amy in to shore where we met Jocelyn (Chief Sam’s wife) and then wandered around the small villages.  I met Ruth, one of the local weavers, who was willing to show me how to weave one of Vanuatu’s beautiful baskets.   She was very patient with me as her twin boys and baby and niece watched this white woman fumble with the process.  Ruth’s family has the twin gene that’s been passed down from grandmother to mother to daughters.  Lots of babies around this village.

Monday through Friday the villages are busy working in the gardens, repairing huts or making building materials.  While we were there the men were making cinder blocks from a mold and the women and children were hauling sand from the beach to mix with concrete.  To leave a message for someone it was common to write a note in the sand – the first text message.

We stopped into Avoca restaurant for some coffee one morning.  Sarah and her husband were very friendly and presented us with a french press full of delicious Tanna coffee, fruit and cookies.  Soon we were joined by a Frenchman visiting from New Caledonia and a German cruiser couple.  Conversation was a lot of hand signals and head nodding.

It was hard for us to leave this tranquil port but we have limited time in Vanuatu and want to keep heading north.

One thought on “Sept. 12 – Tanna life

  1. i just can’t get over how amazing these photos are. It would be interesting to see a contrast between the villages and the tourists joints, but I bet you run away fast from the tourist areas. Can’t wait to see more.

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