Sept. 10 – Mt. Yasur volcano

We were excited to see Mt. Yasur since it’s one of the few active volcanoes in the world.  We actually saw the orange glow as we were approaching Tanna Island but had no idea what it would be like to actually see it in action.  We took an hour-long truck ride, along with four other cruiser couples from Port Resolution, on a makeshift probably hand built dirt road up to the volcano park.  Then we climbed up to the top of a volcanic dust-covered hill at sunset and stood on the rim (no guardrails here) in strong wind getting grid blown into all body crevices.  In a matter of minutes a loud wooshing sound followed by a dense vibration and then BAM! rocks were throw skyward.  This was repeated many times during the evening.  Way cool and worth every vatu dollar.

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