August 7 – apologies in Susui

We arrived in Susui about 1pm and had an easy time anchoring in mostly sand at 17-20.459S, 178-56.979W.  Jim took a quick dive in to check the anchor, common practice for us and most other cruisers.  Looked good. Then he took his usual shower a’natural  on the stern scoop of the boat.  A few minutes later a guy swam up to the stern of the boat and introduced himself as Jacob, the spokesman or head man of the village.  Apparently the chief saw Jim go into the water before coming in for sevusevu (a real no-no) and sent Jacob out to tell us.  I was mortified as Jim continued to shower.

So, we made our sevusevu (with Sidewinder), apologized to the chief, and all was forgiven.  We toured the small village of about 90 people, met Zorro, one of the school teachers, and chatted with the kids.  Jacob offered to take us on a hike to the other side of the island and reminded us we were not allowed to fish in the bay, or take our boats into the hidden lagoon next door.  The southern side of Susui is one long continuous stretch of beach interspersed with fallen palms and big up-rooted trees from a previous storm.  The lava looked different from what we’ve seen on other islands, more like suspended black syrup.  Jacob showed us their new pearl farm and improved water tank.  They are dependent on rainfall for their fresh water.  Save (pronounced saav aa) joined us on the hike back and helped me look for shells.  He found me an intact nautilus without a creature inside and several other big beautiful shells.

2 thoughts on “August 7 – apologies in Susui

  1. Bwahaha! Way to make an impression Jim. Breakin’ the law then the Full Monty to top it off. Linda, an intact nautilus shell? What a treasure! I’m really enjoying your posts and fantastic fotos.

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