August 19 – Sunday life in Fulanga

All of use were invited to church on Sunday, so we moved Chesapeake over and gave everyone a ride.  The service was in Fijian, but Tau said a prayer in English welcoming us into the community.  We were enchanted with their beautifully strong a cappella singing and four-part harmony.  After church the kids grabbed onto the men and Jim was claimed by several young children who followed him everywhere.  He was deeply touched by their friendliness.  All ten of us were divvied up among the families and Jim, Yani and I followed Tai back to someone’s house for Sunday afternoon lunch.  It was a little confusing who lived where as we’ve been inside three different houses.  It was the traditional Fijian food, most cooked yesterday because Sunday is a day of rest.  After lunch we chatted and Jim grabbed a nap on the floor.  Eventually all the other cruisers showed up and Tai and his relatives walked us back to the dinghies.

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